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Northern Lights
Fortune's Fool Cover Image.jpg

Fortune's Fool


LGBT+ equestrian fiction for older teens and adults


Simon O' Shaughnessy has never fit in with civilian--non-horse-riding--society. But can a brash kid without a lot of cash make it as a professional eventer? On impulse, before leaving to be a working student at a crusty retired eventer's barn up in Vermont, Simon buys a rogue grey gelding, hoping the horse will take him up the levels and away from his inner demons.


I haven’t read a horse book for 20yrs but this series filled a hole I didn’t know existed. It took me a little while to get into as I didn’t automatically relate to Simon but before long I was hooked.


-Sarah, Goodreads Reviewer

I can’t say enough about how much I love this series. The characters are all so realistic, and I admittedly

have a soft spot for both Simon and Max.

-Rachael, Goodreads Reviewer

Wild Horses in Black & White
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